No Running in the House!

It seems like just last week we were having sub zero weather with snow. Now, out of no where, we are being hit with a heat wave. You might think that coming out of a frigid winter would make me appreciative of this, and I would be…if it were a pleasant warm, but today is one of those days where mother nature is testing my limits. Despite this sudden heat keeping my apartment too warm for comfort, for some unknown reason I decided to carry through with some meal prep that involved the oven. Now, was that a smart idea? No, but thankfully this post isn’t about bad decisions.

I’m reminded of a time when I was in grade 7 during another heat wave on an otherwise mundane evening such as this. The weather was gross and there were no evening plans to be had, but did my parents let that stop them from family fun? Not at all!

I can’t remember exactly who started it (I think it was my mom), but one of them instigated a water fight…in the house. This was not simply a mischievous splash while doing dishes either. Oh no, this was a full blown battle royale with every tool imaginable in our arsenal. I’m talking buckets, pots, pans, water guns and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a water balloon or two either.

My dad, not to be outdone hit us back with as much force as we had initiated. Since he was out numbered two to one he knew he needed a leg up to avoid swift defeat, this was when the umbrella shields were deployed.

Simply put, the battle was epic. I have no idea how long it actually lasted, but in my mind it raged on for a significant portion of the evening, filling a dull uncomfortable night with fun, laughter and excitement. I can’t tell you if there was a clear winner. We were all soaked to the bone, cooled off and in much better spirits with this adolescent girl (who was dealing with hard times at school) sporting a smile from ear to ear – so I guess that means we all came out rather victorious. It was so fun that we didn’t even mind the clean up after either, just shook our heads with giggles and questions of “did we really just do that” (my parents questioning this more than me).

This was when I learned the value of letting loose and having fun, regardless of whether the circumstances are ideal or not.

Disclaimer: No technology was harmed during the making of this battle – Do not attempt this in a tech heavy room or there will be casualties.

“Splash” by Brie


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