Attack Cat

There is no denying the validity of guard dogs. They are known for being great protectors, and have a long hard earned track record for security and law enforcement positions. It is no wonder I have heard single people or families cite home security as a top reason they want a larger dog breed as an addition to their home, for feelings of security and peace of mind along with the companionship and joy pets can bring into one’s life. But as great as guard dogs are, I ask you this, have you ever considered an attack cat?

No one considers a domesticated cat a threat, but an underestimated home security ninja is just that much more powerful. If you don’t see it coming, you wont be adequately prepared for when the fluffy ninja takes you out and defends their title of protector of the realm (or in this case, protector of the home). 

Despite their elusive nature, there have been more and more videos and stories circling the web of cats undertaking heroic efforts to protect their owners, yet they still remain an underestimated opponent, and remain ferocious felines ready to take on the world…unless of course its nap time and there is warm laundry or a sun beam with their name on it. 

My first experience with attack cats was the first time I took my cat to the vet post-neuter, while he did not attack anyone, he did let out a powerful roar…not a meow…a roar (that was chilling to say the least) the moment he saw the woman who tended to him the previous time. This sound was enough to make her jump back and definitely let it be known that he was not one to mess with. 

He was certainly what you could call a gentle giant, large for a house cat and fully clawed, yet the only time his claws came out were when he was practicing his edged weapon skills on the scratching post (which never stood a chance).

The apartment we were living in at the time had some issues, one of which was that the keys opened multiple locks…any guesses on how we discovered that tidbit of information?

That’s right, a stranger had a key to our home! How they discovered this we will never know, but whether or not the first time was accidental, when they attempted to break in during the middle of the night, well that was intentional. Unfortunately for them (and luckily for me), my cat was having none of their funny business and he was smart, despite the door opening with a key, he knew this was not normal… trouble was a foot!

Attack cat,  by rockmixer

He immediately took a stance at the end of the bed, positioning himself between me and the intruder, went into full on attack mode and let out the most horrifying, threatening, bone chilling howl I have ever heard in my life…clearly it was also the most terrifying sound the intruder had heard as well, as he took off running for the hills leaving noting but a cartoon smoke outline of his person as he got the hell out of dodge. Rendering your opponents in absolute fear with a single warning yell? Now that’s what I call a successful house ninja!


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