Round and Round on the Carousal we Go

She begrudgingly rolled over to silence the alarm clock rudely waking her with its banshee-like screeching, at what could only be described as an inhumane time for a Monday morning. The rain that had kept her up most of the night continued to beat against the windowpane relentlessly. Perfect, she thought, just perfect, as sheContinue reading “Round and Round on the Carousal we Go”

All is Fair in Water and War

In this world there are certain things you just shouldn’t do, and engaging in combat with a trained soldier is one of them. Unfortunately for Josh, my high school boyfriend, this was a lesson he had to learn the hard way. The battle ground was a sweltering summer day at a family barbecue. The afternoonContinue reading “All is Fair in Water and War”

Call of the Wild

Its that time of year when everything changes overnight. It is the in-between where barren becomes lush, cold becomes warm, monochrome lands becomes techno-colour dreamscapes and the mosquitos haven’t quite figured out that their buffet has re-opened for the season. Spring has officially sprung. One day, on a morning like any other, you wake upContinue reading “Call of the Wild”