All is Fair in Water and War

In this world there are certain things you just shouldn’t do, and engaging in combat with a trained soldier is one of them. Unfortunately for Josh, my high school boyfriend, this was a lesson he had to learn the hard way.

The battle ground was a sweltering summer day at a family barbecue. The afternoon had been spent participating in light-hearted water fun, where everyone got a little wet but no one took on the full brunt of what a water war really could be. That is, until the boys kicked things up a notch. The day’s activities had begun to dwindle down, the water balloons were spent, the guns were empty and most people had dried off.

Earlier in the day Josh had decided to target my cousin’s boyfriend, Darren – this was a mistake on his part. He thought he could one up him in the water balloon fight, and he might have even gotten in one or two lucky balloon strikes. Little did he know, just because ammunition was running low, the battle was far from over.

While everyone was off socializing and half of us were in the kitchen preparing the evenings feast, one of my cousins (who is probably the least stealthy person I know) managed to nonchalantly wander into the kitchen, presumably to check on dinner without raising any suspicion. It wasn’t until a few moments later when Josh came running to the patio door waving frantically that things began to fall into place – Darren had set him up.

None of us had realized that my cousin locked the door during his kitchen visit. We all watched on wondering why Josh was acting so strange and waving his arms around like a lunatic, when he could just open the door and say whatever it was he was trying to communicate through charades. Then, out of nowhere a powerful water canon blasted him from the side, soaking him from head to toe and even knocking him off balance! Darren had set the hose to full power and now had Josh trapped on the patio deck with nowhere to go. He was a sitting duck, completely drenched from head to toe and now understood, you should never underestimate ones enemies, especially if they have tactile military training.


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