Crazy Cat Lady: An Origin Story

Pets are a great addition to a home, they bring joy and comfort, provide hours of entertainment and can enrich our lives in so many ways. For these reasons it has become common for people to refer to their pets as fur babies, but what about in a household with human children, are pets kids fur babies too? Thinking about this has made me realize that I never had a fur baby growing up, nor was I really ever an only child…I had a fur sibling. 

His name was Kayla and he was the definition of a cat that thought he was a human. He would sit at the dinner table with us, perched on a chair with his head poking up, just to be part of the conversation  and I know what you’re thinking…but  for those of you who may be skeptical of his motives I can assure you that he was always there for the company, happy to be part of the dinner table discussions and never trying to sneak scraps of food (other than the one time we left butter out overnight and woke up to a polished off butter dish and one very content kitty the next morning).

We had epic games of tag where we would chase each other from one end of the house to the other and it was never one sided! One time in particular I remember that I had him cornered (probably not the smartest idea for a fully clawed cat) and was closing in with him trapped between me and the banister with no way out. Just when I thought I had won he leaped up and playfully tapped either side of my head with his paws, bounced off my butt and paused on the other side of me long enough to make sure I was in hot pursuit before tearing across the house to continue our game, clearly I had been wrong, he won that round paws down. 

We were borderline inseparable other than evening T.V time, that belonged to my dad. Kayla would spend that time taking full advantage of my dad’s heat. Honestly, I couldn’t blame him since a favorite past time of mine was sticking my ice cold feet on my dad when he wasn’t looking. He is definitely a better person than me because after the initial shock of frigid cold tootsies wore off he would always warm them up for me by holding them against him and rubbing them until they were toasty, happy feet again. (I can’t say I would have that reaction if someone tried to pull that stunt with me!)

After T.V time ended and it was time to go to bed me and Kayla would head to my room, crawling under the covers to settle in for the night. As with dinner and play time, bedtime was another area where Kayla liked to mimic my behaviour. He would stretch his body out underneath the covers and put his head up on the pillow just like me. My parents thought this was adorable, and it was…until you woke up in the middle of the night to a pair of glowing demon cat eyes staring back at you …mere inches from your face!


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